Add an entry to your feed

1. By using that form :

 :  replace by whatever name you want

Please note that feed "somename" is limited to links from "" to prevent spam.

2. By calling an URL :

3. By using that bookmarklet :

Simply drag and drop that rsstodolist bookmarklet to your browser toolbar. Then, clicking on that bookmark will add current page to the RSS feed.

4. By using a Google Chrome extension :

A Google Chrome extension is available to add current URL by a single click, remove it and access your feed.

5. By using a Firefox extension :

A Firefox extension has been made by Aurélien Thieriot (@a_thieriot). Many thanks Aurélien !

6. By using a Safari extension :

A Safari extension has been made by Grégoire Lejeune (@glejeune). Many thanks Grégoire !

7. By using Hubot :

A Hubot script has been made by Aurélien Thieriot (@a_thieriot). Many thanks Aurélien !

Get your feed : or

Remove an URL from your feed

By calling an URL :


Contact me on twitter (@paulgreg) or at gmail (my username is paulgreg).


That service is public and "open". That means that anyone knowing your feed name may see your items, add or remove new ones.

If you’re concern about privacy, you could host that service on your own server. See below to fetch source code.

Source code

Source code can be found : Valid XHTML 1.1